Wordwall (year 7)

Map skills

4 figure grid references

6 figure grid references

Map Symbols

Human and Physical Features

World map

British Isles map

Latitude and longitude


The Earth’s Systems

The Earth’s System 2

Renewable resources

Geological timescale

Types of Rocks

Types of Rocks 2

Types of Weathering

Types of Weathering 2

Rocks as a natural resource

Soil profile

Where are the tropical rainforests?

Water water everywhere

Water cycle

Why is the world so dependent on oil?

Generating electricity

What is sustainability?

Sustainable actions

What are resources?

Renewable or non-renewable?

What is an economy?

What are the employment sectors?

 Which jobs are in which sectors of employment?

 How is land used?

 How is the UK farmed?

 How has farming diversified?

 What are the traditional location factors?

 How does a chocolate bar connect the sectors of the economy?

 UK trade

 Major UK trading ports

 What are multinational companies?

 How do iPhones show the process of globalisation?

 How do containers affect world trade?


Elements of the Weather

Weather Instruments

Synoptic Code

Cloud Spotting

Types of Rainfall

Convectional Rainfall



Air Masses

Anticyclones in Summer and Winter

Cross-section of a depression

Climate Graphs

Climate Zones

Weather crossword


Location of Russia

Size of Russia

Physical features of Russia

Climate graph for Moscow

Comparing climates of Russia

Describing the taiga biome

Population density in Russia

Does the geography of Russia help the economy?

Which Russian city is this?

What is GIS?

Groups interested in the Arctic