Wordwall (year 8)


Water Cycle Quiz

River Processes Crossword

Long Profile

Features of a river

Cross-section of a meander

Formation of an oxbow lake

Causes of flooding

Impacts of flooding

Flood management

Rivers Quiz


Measuring development

Development keyword quiz

Conditions in shanty towns

What is development?

Top 10 countries by GNI per capita

Bottom 10 countries by GNI per capita

Measuring Development (2)

Development over time

Development in the UK

Who are the BRICS?

Causes of Poverty

How can women improve development?

Development through international aid

Sustainable Development Goals



World Population Growth

Population Density (people per square kilometre)

Demographic Transition Model

Population Pyramids

Controlling Population Size

Why do people migrate?

Migration crossword

Rural to Urban Migration

World’s Biggest Cities in 1900

World’s Biggest Cities in 2015

Patterns of Land Use in Urban Areas

Population Pyramids


Coastal erosion landforms

Formation of a coastal spit


Reasons for China’s economic growth

Images of Asia

Population issues in Afghanistan and Japan

Physical features of Asia

Asia – key words

Asia or not?

Asian countries

Inhabited continents